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Maxon BodyPaint 3D R17 - Competitive Discount for Gov't/Non-Profit/3D Users: BP-N-CU17

by Maxon
Save 15%
$ 995.00
$ 850.25


  • Create Advanced Textures and Sculptures
  • Discounted for Gov't/Non-Profit/3D Users
  • Paint Textures Directly on 3D Objects
  • Brushes, Sculpting Tools, UV Tools, Etc.
  • Distortion-Free Painting
  • Paint Over Multiple Objects
  • Full Support for Tablets
  • New Spline Tools, Sculpting Enhancements
  • New Take System & New Color Chooser
  • New Global Material Override
  • Note: This Competitive Discount is valid for government and non-profit organizations, owners of any CINEMA 4D software in any version and release, and owners of any other 3D applications.


Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit only) on Intel or AMD 64-bit processors with SSE3 support; Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher on 64-bit Intel-based Macs; 4 GB available RAM, OpenGL Graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.2, DVD ROM drive. A standard DVD installation can require up to 7 GB of hard drive space. The software must be registered for unrestricted use.

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